Happiness is the ability to welcome the present moment fully as it is. 

Stress is the opposite. 

To be truly happy, we have to welcome and embrace our own Self fully as it is. To love ourselves unconditionally. Radically. 

This is the goal of all Vedic Practices. To re-join the fragmented parts of our past experiences and become whole and authentic.

In Vedic Counselling, we use the principles of Vedic Philosophy to understand the mind and, from that basis, learn a variety of strategies and methods that will bring us health, happiness and abundance by anchoring our awareness in the present moment. 

We use the Ayurvedic principles of mental digestion as well as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as a guidebook for mental health and from that, create an individual solution to life’s stresses. 

These stresses may be caused by

– Physical issues 

– financial insecurities

– Relationship problems

– A lack of “purpose”

– Feelings of addiction or dependencies

In Vedic Counselling, we will focus on your personal goals in any of these areas. 

I will personally guide you along your path of transformation and help to create and use your individually devised tools and strategies to achieve your personal goals.  

An initial, more in-depth, longer consultation is necessary (cost: Euro 120)

Follow up consultations are usually 1 hour and cost Euro 80. 

For a very special, intense exploration of your innermost potential, look at the “Dare to Shine” program packages below.

For more information or to request an appointment please use the contact form below.

Dare to Shine is a program for those who want to truly let their soul shine.

Every true transformation is a Butterfly process: First, our own identity dissolves into a mush, before we can build a new, more purposeful one. The difference between going through this process with a lot of suffering or with excitement is awareness. If we are not aware of the process, the “mush” stage, the “dark night of the soul”, will scare us to the core. What we need is trust. Faith in the process, in our Self and in the whole world. And we can only gain this faith with the kind of knowledge, that will shift our paradigms and eradicate our old, unconscious conditionings. 

Dare to Shine will make that happen. 

This package includes everything you need to kickstart your transformation:

  • Your Vedic birth chart and a basic reading of your karmic patterns
  • An Ayurvedic consultation and appropriate individual diet/lifestyle recommendations
  • 3 one on one sessions
  • WhatsApp support
  • Plenty of supporting resources for you to use 
Price: 420 Euro 

To book or find out more, please contact me here:

DARE TO SHINE – the mentorship program

For 9 month – the duration of a pregnancy – I will personally accompany you through your transformation. 

You will get all of the benefits of the starter Package, as well as regular individual support via zoom (or other preferred methods) over the course of 9 months 

We will also be connected via WhatsApp (or similar), so that we can stay in touch. 

In addition, you will get access to all of my online courses and other resources that will emower you with knowledge that will forever help you in your journey.

In this way you have my support for an extended amount of time, so you can truly transform your life and turn your obstacles into your personal power. 

Price: 1260 Euro

If you are interested to find out more, please write me a message below or chat to me on whatsapp 004915128917170

To book, please pay a deposit of 450 Euro, the remainder can be paid in 6 instalments of 135 Euro.

For the full DARE TO SHINE transformational program for Yoga Teachers or Coaches/Therapists please go to the learning page. 

Hear what previous students of the Dare to Shine Mentorship Program have to say

„I started Sandra‘s course (the Dare to Shine Program) because I was in the middle of a period of soulsearching and a longing for authenticity, especially in the work that I do (as a play therapist)… I was especially blown away by some of the insights that came through in the reflection exercises. I loved every minute of it.“

Marie Byrne


The hero, in the story of our lives, is always ourselves. Our soul. It does not matter if we are male or female, strong or weak, or if we even want to be a hero. We just are. We are a soul on a journey and this journey can be easily described by a path we all are very familiar with: The hero‘s journey.

All through our lives, we follow this path and each time, we have to pass through all of its 12 stages. We may be stuck in one of them or flow through them, but we cannot avoid them. Knowing these stages can give us immense power and momentum to act with mindful courage, allowing us to reach any goal we have in life with much greater ease.


The vedic world view provides us with the exact paradigm shifts we need to make if we want to recognise our own strength and beauty. It‘s description of how the mind works, how our consciousness grows, together with the hero‘s journey, provide a perfect frame work that will help you in your transformation.

What keeps you from truly living life from a state of optimal health, energy, confidence and joy? What stands in the way of becoming who you dream to be?

Together, we will work on releasing these obstacles, moving you safely through the stages of your hero‘s journey and manifest a life that will support you in your true calling.


We all want the same thing – true, lasting happiness. And to achieve that, we need four aspects of life to be fulfilled:

Dharma – our calling. We need to recognise our own gifts in life and use them. It means living by natural laws – we cannot go against our own inner nature. Only when we live a true, authentic life and are seen and loved for who we really are, can we experience happiness. 

Artha – material and physical wealth. Of course, our basic material needs have to be met. That means our state of physical health as much as our state of income have to be in optimal shape and on that basis we can live our Dharma and experience true happiness. 

Kama – also our mental and emotional health has to be in good shape. We need to feel joy and happiness in being alive. We need to be able to love and feel loved, experience the joy of sensual beauty, creativitzy and play. Only an open heart can ultimately lead us to happiness.  

Moksha – Liberation. All of the above is not going to be possible if we have a lot of negative unconsious or unresolved trauma or addictions in our mind. These are like the dragons in the darkest caves of our mind, that need to be slayed first. But there are many weapons and tools available to us through Vedic teachings, that will help us succeed and reap the rewards of lasting happiness. 


There are many tools awailable for us to use on your journey, for every personality type.

Through Vedic Astrology readings, we will discover your personal Dharma and find ways to resolve karmic patterns. 

Through Ayurveda we will look at your physical and mental health and individal constitution and find ways of optimising it. 

Through Yoga and meditation we can find tools (not just Asana!) that will strengthen and balance your nervous system and give you a direct experience of success on your journey. 

Through creative methods like writing, journalling and other creative expressions, we will gain access to your deeper mind.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions – or book your first session by clicking the button below.