This is a philosophical children’s fiction story about Phoenix who, though entirely blameless, carries the guilt of his twin sister’s death at birth and feels cursed. Events seem to confirm this, especially on his leap-year birthdays. On his twelfth, he is caught in a fire and, whilst lying in a coma in this life, in another world, Lila, he meets Maya, his twin, escapes a heart-hunter, rescues a small boy, Karun, from his death and takes him across the island. Here, Phoenix’s world intersects with the story-book of Marina, a mermaid, who sacrifices her life to ensure that Phoenix continues to the centre of the island alone to save Karun again, this time from his unconscious state and, simultaneously, awake from his own coma to return, newly alive, to his home, friends and new-found family.


(Cover design by Monique Van der Pol)

“The Tale of the Phoenix is fascinating. It is a very different type of book: it tells of the inward journey of an introverted character, there are stories within stories, within stories and there is a mix of psychology, philosophy and spirituality, and fairy-tale and cultural references. There are parts of the story that are dark and subversive – and are quite brilliant in my opinion. There are ‘nods’ to traditional European folk and fairy tales, both in your writing and in the stories that appear in the tale. There are times when I felt I was reading science fiction/fantasy and times when the message was Vedic or more generally spiritual… It is a story that is very much from your heart and that is appealing because it is authentic.”

Victoria Lee, Editor


A handbook of Self Care and Health through the eyes of Ayurveda. 

This is the second edition of the original E-book, which began as a PDF file to give to my clients, so that they can have a better understanding of Ayurveda. 

Over time, it grew into a book. My own Ayurvedic Doctor and friend Rajvinder Kaur was so kind to support me in this project and write a foreword to it. 

Although I am aware that there are many amazing books out there already on Ayurveda, my aim here is to provide a very simple to understand, holistic view on the human body, that will allow you to build a more loving relationship with it, and thus empower you to take your health into our own hands. 

You can download it on Amazon or any other online bookstore.

 “This book is full of insights and wisdom. within its accessibility there is so much depth. It can be hard to access such an ancient science, but this book taught me to listen to my own body’s wisdom. Such a wonderful resource.”
(Aoife, Amazon Customer)

The Little School of Happiness - Podcast

Are you interested in Health, Wellbeing and Ayurveda? In  these 9 Episodes I will explain the underlying principles of Ayurveda in a way that you can really understand them and apply them in your own life. 

You might also come to understand, that Ayurveda – in Essence – is a way of Self Love because only if we truly build a relationship with our body, if we look at our mind and behavioural patters in compassionate understanding and are willing to look at even the more difficult emotions so that  we can finally let them go, and if we make Self Care a priority, can we  expect true and lasting physical and mental health. 

You can find the podcast on Spotify, apple podcasts or simply to to the home page of this website. 

Or go to https://thelittleschoolofhappiness.buzzsprout.com/

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