Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) – How To Practice, Benefits & Precautions

Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) is a Sanskrit term that consists of two words. The first word is “Mayur,” which means “peacock,” and the second word is “asana,” which means “pose.” The performer takes on the appearance of a peacock while practicing this asana, as though a peacock is seated with its wings extended.

Yoga is a discipline that has been used by people from ancient times to help keep the body healthy. Yoga gives you energy from inside. Yoga can help you prevent a variety of ailments for a long time. It keeps the mind, body, and soul in harmony. Mayurasana, one of the most important poses in yoga, is one of them. It can help protect your body from a variety of ailments and digestive problems.

The peacock is said to represent love and immortality in Hindu texts. Mayurasana, or the Peacock Pose, offers several advantages, but it is a difficult pose to perfect and requires consistent practice. In this mudra, your two hands support the body’s weight.


Everyone wants to practice Mayurasana because of the advantages, but owing to a lack of thorough understanding about the Peacock Pose, it may appear to be a challenging pose. We’ll go through how to execute Mayurasana in depth so you can practice it with ease.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Mayurasana

  • To do the peacock posture, start by sitting on your knees on a yoga mat in a clean atmosphere.
  • With your fingers pointing toward your toes, place your hands on the ground.
  • Keep your feet close together and your knees wide apart.
  • You should have both hands between your knees.
  • Then, with both elbows to the right and left of your navel, place your hand’s elbow on your stomach.
  • Straighten your legs by spreading them backwards.
  • Now gently transfer your body’s whole weight onto both hands by tilting your body forward.
  • Maintain your body’s balance by balancing on both hands such that just your hands contact the ground and your complete body is in the air.
  • This position can be held for as long as your hands will allow.
  • You can hold this position as long as your hands will allow.



  • Since ancient times, yoga has been regarded an integral part of Indian culture. Regular yoga practice can help you overcome a variety of health issues. This may also be seen in a number of literary works. Peacock Pose, on the other hand, has a lot of health advantages.
    • Regularly practicing Mayurasana detoxifies the body. By which the body might be protected from ailments such as tumors and fever. You may include Mayurasana into your everyday life if you want to maintain your life healthy and safe.
    • Mayurasana has numerous additional health advantages than mental ones, such as keeping the digestive tract healthy. People who adopt the peacock posture have healthy digestive organs, according to studies.
    • Aside from that, the peacock stance improves abdominal blood circulation. As a result, it aids in the strengthening of the stomach muscles and digestive system. Mayurasana will help you strengthen your digestive system if it is weak.
    • This yoga is said to be particularly good for males who are infertile. Mayurasana is especially good for women; frequent practice can help alleviate menstrual and menopausal problems.
    • The peacock stance can also help you build bone strength. Shoulders, elbows, wrists, and spine are all strengthened with regular exercise.
    • Regularly performing Mayurasana maintains your body healthy on the outside. It also has the ability to activate and excite your interior organs.
    • Mayurasana is a type of treatment for those who suffer from diabetes. Mayurasana is said to help manage blood sugar levels in the body when practiced frequently.

This is because Mayurasana requires more energy from our bodies. As a result, the body’s fat and blood glucose stores are depleted.

As a result, the body utilizes the excess sugar in the body to generate additional energy. This aids in the management of blood sugar levels. Aside from that, Mayurasana is believed to help with piles problems.

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