A huge thank you to my wonderful students for sending me these – where would I be without you! 

“I have practised yoga on and off for about 15 years or so but I only came to really love it when I found Sandra.  Sandra’s yoga class became the highlight of my week.  She has such an incredible energy and is just one of those people that you meet that makes a positive impact on your life.  I also attended Sandra for Ayuveda consultations and treatments and it really opened a whole new world for me.  Sandra has such a depth of knowledge and such a calm presence that learning from her is a joy.  Enjoying cups of chai tea with my fellow yogis after Friday morning class with Sandra are memories that I hold very dear. I look forward to enjoying a cup of your chai some time in the future Sandra.”

Aoife Pettit

“I did ashtanga yoga classes with Sandra for four years and I would highly recommend her as a yoga teacher. Especially so if you are looking for a yoga class that does not just focus on physical exercise but are looking for a more holistic and spiritual approach to the practice.  I have also had ayurvedic consultations with Sandra and embarked on an ayurvedic diet and course of herbs which I found to be incredibly effective and easy to assimilate into my day to day lifestyle. Her dedication and commitment to yoga is apparent from her classes.”

Lorna Kearney

“I have been attending Sandra’s classes on and off now for a few years. I find her to be an amazing teacher: passionate, holistic and knowledgeable. So when I heard that Sandra was offering Ayurveda treatments I was thrilled and promptly made an appointment. After initial consultation Sandra determined that `I was predominantly Pitta and prescribed Indian herbs and a rather rigorous diet. I know that some people find this particular diet challenging but I tolerated it without difficulty. Within a few days I felt heat leaving my body. On day 10 I cleansed (quite literally!). My body felt lighter, my head clearer and I had more energy. A few weeks later on a second visit, Sandra modified my diet and gave me different herbs, this time to balance Vata. I also had a fabulous full body massage. Since starting these treatments I have experienced real change. 

I am now vegetarian, not because `I planned to be but because my body just wants to nourish itself differently. While I have done and continue to do many things to maintain my health and well-being, I have no doubt about the real changes that Ayurveda has brought me to and for that I am very grateful. 

Thank you Sandra Hayes!”

Brenda Harkin

“Hi my name is Karen Schokman and 4 years ago I was a reasonably fit 49 year old,who ran daily and took exercise classes several times a week. I was looking for a new venture before I turned 50,when one of the younger Soccer Moms suggested Yoga to me. Not me for me, I replied,I am looking for something to challenge me.  Yoga looks like there might be too much lying around and naval gazing. She literally laughed out loud at my ignorance . Not Sandra’s class I can assure you ! Sandra will challenge you,encourage you and bring you benefits both mental and physical, that you will never get from exercise classes and running . 

How apocryphal that statement turned out to be. 

In the four years that I have been attending Sandra’s Ashtanga Yoga, I have definitely become physically stronger and more flexible but I have also become calmer and more confident . Sandra is extremely knowledgeable and highly intelligent,always studying and improving her craft but she is also kind and caring and can push you to do things that you never thought you would be able to achieve . I adore her Ashtanga classes and even though I miss doing them in real life with her in the Studio and am horribly jealous of all you new students who will now get to do so, I still look forward to my Zoom classes and would be lost without them .

I also eventually became addicted to her monthly yin yoga workshop ,which 4 years ago me would have thought the height of ‘laying around and naval gazing ‘!

Her soothing voice gently encourages you throughout the postures and has you floating out the door on a cloud of calm a few hours later . I highly recommend Sandra’s Yoga classes. All her Yoga classes.”


“I have been doing Ashtanga yoga practice with Sandra over the last 3 years and cannot emphasise how beneficial it has been to me in my life. 

Her profound knowledge of the practice is amazing and her method of teaching is brilliant… her calm, gentle nature is so endearing and enticing throughout the classes. My LOVE of yoga has grown daily from practicing with Sandra and her commitment to her students was shown my providing Zoom classes throughout the lockdowns it was a great coping aide throughout those difficult periods.

I recommend everyone to join Sandra in doing her classes and enhance your life for the better.”

Claire Moran

“I have known Sandra for a number of years now and have experienced several treatments from her.  The most notable treatment for me was the Ayurvedic massage.  From looking forward to it, receiving it and the benefits afterwards I cannot recommend it highly enough.  I have had many many massages over the years and I can honestly say that the massage Sandra gives is one of the best ever.  It is truly holistic and the benefits are felt immediately, greater energy, a huge sense of well being and a general feeling of peace within and without.  Sandra gives more than any practitioner I know, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and brings it all to bear in a session, without bombarding the receiver.  I am not sure how it works, Sandra will tell you that, I just want to say to you book in immediately and find out for yourself.”

Gillian Wild